There are more first time buyers in Kilkeel and County Down at the moment who are looking at their options.Property prices have come down and are more attractive than ever.But as we know,the mortgage market has changed too.

Lenders have less money to give out so are more fussy when it comes to an application.The amount of deposit is very important at the moment,and this will determine to a large extent the % rate you will pay.Some lenders require more deposit than others.

It has never been more important to speak to an indpendent advisor such as ourselves.
At Mortgages Made Easy! we pride ourselves on explaining things in a straightforward manner to take the mystery out of buying your first home.

We can also ensure your application is professionally put together to give you the best possible chance of success.

Our free mortgage search engine includes local lenders such as Northern Bank,Ulster Bank,First Trust Bank and the Progressive.