The mortgage market in County Down has changed in line with the economy.There aren't as many lenders to choose from,and those that are still there are more fussy when it comes to approving a mortgage.It pays to see in advance if you are likely to be successful rather than leaving it to chance.Preparation is key.
            Independent advice has never been so important.In County Down, there are still the local banks,but they can only offer their own rates (and their own expensive insurance!).They can't make decisions 'in house' the way they used to either-it all has to go to head office.
           Do you know if there are better options out there? Probably not.Why not compare the entire market at once to really see the full picture?
          That is where we come in;  we can search the entire market,including those 'direct deals' on your behalf and advise you on the most suitable options for your individual circumstances.If you want to go with a direct deal,we can assist with this to help your chances of success.